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Lowline Cattle
Cattle have always been an interest of ours. We  started an Angus/Angus cross herd and wanted to use Rotational Grazing as it is better for the environment and the animal. The Angus cattle weren't finishing out as well on grass, so we researched other breeds and discovered Lowline cattle. This particular breed was perfect for the vision of Rotational Grazing and had the added value of being very family friendly. 
Today our Lowline Herd Includes
10 full blood cows,
8 yearling full blood calves, 8 half blood
yearling calves, and this years calf crop.
2 yr old bull 
4 yr old bull
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Breed History
Lowline are a smaller breed of cattle orginating in Austrailia. They are traditionally black and naturally polled, very docile and easy handling animals. The Lowline breed have no dwarfing genes and stand roughly 3 1/2 feet tall.
lowline cattle and baby bull